Book Updates
A Quick Way To Solo a Sequence Clip
This particular lesson found in Chapter 3, starting on page 60, was a very brief demonstration of  how to review a single clip within a composite effect where multiple video tracks have been stacked on top of each other. There are no media files for this brief demonstration.
Luma Keying
I wanted desperately to put the media for this particular exercise in the book, but ran into some issues concerning distribution of the smoke clip. The clip is titled CC123 and can be found at
To create this effect, you could also launch Motion, go into the Library and look under Particle Emitters. In the Particle Emitters category, choose the folder named Smoke and you find a list of smoke effects that will allow you to create the same effect. The great thing about  using one of the smoke clips in the Motion Library is that you will be able to customize the actual smoke emitter by using the controls found in the HUD. The skateboard clips found in the Chapter 2 folder  of the media disk for the Editing to the Beat exercise work very nicely in this effect.