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Never before has so much power been accessible to the independent producer—who may utilize his or her living room as a base of operations—to produce high quality video content for commercial use. You’re no longer required to be part of a multi-million dollar Hollywood studio to have access to the resources you need to produce outstanding works of video art. The aim of my book and this site is to help you harness that power, and hopefully, expose you to some Final Cut Pro resources that can assist you in your own projects.
One of the most talented editors I ever met was a 14 year old that had only been using Final Cut Pro for 3 months. This book and site are tools for people like him—people like youto realize your own personal potential, not mine. If you have not realized it yet, your individuality is the most powerful weapon that you have as an editor, not a long list of features in a piece of software.  
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Projects in the Book
Luma Keying
Chapter 4 ‘Effects You Can Use Today’
Pleasantville Effect
Chapter 4 ‘Effects You can Use Today’
Photoshop Filters with Video
Chapter 6  ‘Using Photoshop with Final Cut Pro’
Filling Text with Video
Chapter 7  ‘LiveType’
Adding Some Flare to a Spot
Chapter 5  ‘Creating Dynamic Text and Effects with Apple Motion ’
Your Feedback
Your responses on the book, this site, and Final Cut Pro itself are all welcome here. It is a volatile industry out there, and even as I was writing the book, minor issues arising from software updates forced me to remove lessons. Please, let me know if you personally have run across such instances in the book.
About the Author
Lonzell is one of the elite few who have obtained Certified Professional status as a Final Cut Pro and an Avid Xpress user. Lonzell began his career as a videographer and digital video specialist for the web. He then used this experience to become a writer, director and producer. His work includes national commercials and television programs for PBS, Fox Sports, the Outdoor Channel, and C-SPAN, and video editing for pop superstar Mariah Carrey. Lonzell’s talents have also served him well while doing tech work for the traveling Broadway shows The Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, and On Broadway.
In addition to producing his own independent films, Lonzell is a syndicated content writer with hundreds of published tutorials that relate to Apple’s Final Cut Studio product line. His daily syndicated content is read by thousands of unique visitors each month.